A Visual Guide to Erotic Massage Services in Tokyo – Enjoy Erotic Outcall Massage and Massage Parlors in Tokyo

A Visual Guide to Erotic Massage Services in Tokyo

For men who are new to men’s esthetics and for virgin women, you might be wondering, “What’s the flow of a erotic massage session?” and feel both excited and anxious.

Therefore, as a member of the erotic massage Aficionados Union, Member No. 0811919, I, Banana Uncle, will introduce you to the flow of services at a erotic massage based on my experience.

However, the flow I’m introducing is not the superficial “public face service” found on other sites!

It’s the real deal.

I’ll introduce everything, including accidents, edgy moments, and disappointments.

After all, what both men and women want to know is “Be Real,” right?

So, on this page, from how to make a reservation to how to visit, how to pay, how to prepare before the massage, the flow of the massage, and how to clean up after the massage, we’ll explain everything with pictures so you can understand the flow without reading the text.

Please check out the latest service flow as of 2024 🍌

※Some of the photos introducing the flow are scenes from FANZA videos, so you can also view the video page by tapping the photos.

Flow of Men’s Esthetics


STEP1. Reservation via Phone, Line, App

※Not only by phone, but you can also make reservations at sensual massage shops via the Line and Grow apps. “Line reservation” is the most convenient because it allows for two-way communication.

STEP2. Arrive at the designated apartment


If the room is away from the station, some sexy massage shops offer a taxi discount.

If the therapist is silent when you ring the intercom at the entrance, it is to consider other residents in the apartment and to prevent the hidden business from being discovered. Don’t get the wrong impression that “this therapist feels bad.”

STEP3. Meeting the therapist


Be sure to greet quietly so as not to bother the neighbors, and enter the room.

STEP4. Course Selection/Option Selection


The actual treatment time for each course is about 45 minutes for a 60-minute course, about 70 minutes for a 90-minute course, and about 100 minutes for a 120-minute course.

The nomination fee varies by shop and therapist, generally ranging from 0 yen to 5,000 yen.

Options include deep lymphatic drainage, bubbles, whipped cream, Micro Bikini (MB), No Bra (NB), etc. (There may also be individual options available from the therapist.)

STEP5. Payment

Some Sensual Massage Parlors also accept cash, PayPay, Rakuten Pay, and credit cards.

※A service charge of 5-15% may apply, so choose the most cost-effective payment method.

STEP6. Fill out the counseling sheet

Fill out the parts of your body that are tired, areas of injury or parts you do not want to be touched, and the type of massage you would like to focus on.

※In many cases, this also serves as a pledge not to engage in sexual activities or touch (discount for length).

STEP7. Undress and take a shower

Wash thoroughly with body soap, including mouthwash to prevent bad breath. Wear paper pants and return to the room smartly.

※There are various types of paper pants, including side-cut, T-back, and string pants.

※While you are taking a shower, the therapist will prepare and change clothes. Be careful not to return too quickly, or you might accidentally encounter a ‘lucky pervert’ event, which could drastically lower your standing with the therapist.

【Start of Massage】


STEP8. Sofa Treatment [Rarity ★★★]

You sit on the sofa, and the therapist moves around behind to perform a dry massage of your back, shoulders, and neck. Midway, the therapist moves to sit in front of you in a face-to-face seated position to perform pressure point massage on your décolletage, chest, and shoulders.

※There are also patterns where the therapist sits beside you or at your feet to perform reflexology from the soles of your feet up to your calves.

※Grinding your groin in the face-to-face seated position will make you surprisingly unpopular, so restrain yourself.

STEP9. Seated on a Mat [Rarity ★★★]

You sit cross-legged on a mat, and the therapist moves around to the back to perform a dry massage on your back, shoulders, and neck.※If the “Sofa Treatment” mentioned above is available, this seated on a mat treatment is often not performed.

【Prone Massage】

STEP10. Dry Massage [Rarity ★]


You lie face down on the mat, and the therapist performs a dry massage/massage/kneading without using oil.

※If the therapist’s contact is very shallow at this time, it often ends up being wholesome until the end.

STEP11. Oil Massage [Rarity ★]


An oil massage performed using massage oil. The therapist massages the shoulders, back, hips, legs, and feet.

※If the therapist does not venture into the groin area or acts hesitantly, it often lacks excitement until the end.

STEP12. Frog Legs [Rarity ★]


An oil massage performed on the groin area while you hold each leg bent at the knee and spread. There is also a “Double Frog Legs” version performed in a swimming-like posture with both legs open at the same time.

※If the therapist doesn’t even brush against the balls and shaft during the “Frog Legs,” there’s a 99.9% chance there will be no sexual release or intercourse.

STEP13. Lateral Position [Rarity ★★]

You lie on your side with the lower leg extended and only the upper leg bent. The therapist lies behind you, stretches out her hands, and performs treatments around the groin and abdomen, providing a comforting wrap-around feel and closeness.

STEP14. On All Fours (4TB) [Rarity ★]


In a position on all fours, the therapist sits between your legs from behind and treats the upper body and groin area. This position allows for more intense treatment of the groin area than the “Frog Legs,” providing the most thrilling moments.

※Make sure there’s no toilet paper stuck in your butt hairs. Always clean around your anus in the shower.


【Supine Massage】

STEP15. Boob Stamp [Rarity ★★]


Chest, abdominal, arm, and groin oil massage. A Body to Body Massage treatment where the therapist’s chest is pressed against the face.

※The bra is tight, and licking is not allowed, so it’s actually not that pleasurable. It’s like how paizuri seems appealing in AV, but it’s not actually enjoyable when you experience it.

STEP16. Spider (69) [Rarity ★★]


Oil massage of the décolleté, chest, abdomen, groin, and thighs. A Body to Body Massage treatment performed in a 69-like position with the therapist on all fours on top.

※Complimenting the shape of the buttocks may allow you to receive oral sex. However, performing oral sex without consent can lead to arrest, so be cautious. Everything must be done with consent.


STEP17. Mermaid [Rarity ★]


Oil massage performed with the therapist’s thighs clamping the client’s thighs. A Body to Body Massage where the soft inner thighs of the woman massage the legs and groin area.

※Sometimes they might perform a thigh-job. Be cautious as occasionally a knee-job turns into a knee-kick by a dominatrix-like therapist.

STEP18. Rodeo/Cowgirl [Rarity ★★★]


Oil massage performed with the therapist positioned on the client’s groin to abdomen area. A Body to Body Massage where the groin, abdomen, and chest (nipples) are massaged.

※During this time, it’s not uncommon for accidents to lead to handjobs.


STEP19. Ankle Hold Flip [Rarity ★★★★★]


Oil massage performed by the therapist lifting the client’s legs up towards the client’s head. A humiliating treatment that massages the groin and thighs.

※An extremely rare treatment technique. It results in a position reminiscent of the nostalgic Kinniku Driver move.


STEP20. Sleeping Together [Rarity ★★]


An oil massage performed while lying side by side facing the therapist. In this intimate position, if a release is included, handjob/footjob services are often provided.

※Even though a handjob is being performed, kisses might be disliked, so instead of kissing impulsively, it’s better to ask for ‘consensual kissing’ by saying, ‘May I kiss you?’.


STEP21. Face-to-Face Seating [Rarity ★★★]

Oil massage performed from the Rodeo/Cowgirl position by sitting the client upright into a face-to-face seating position. A Body to Body Massage focused on the shoulders and chest.

※If there is a release, this face-to-face seating is often skipped. Let’s indulge in post-ejaculation clarity.

STEP22. Massage Conclusion

The massage ends 10-15 minutes before the end of the session time.

STEP23. Take a Shower, Get Dressed, and Leave.

Led by the therapist to the bath, wash off the massage oil with a shower.

Return to the room, get dressed, and leave with a smile from the therapist.

Walk carefully back to the nearest station, reminiscing about the wonderful time with the therapist.

(If the police are investigating for a crackdown, you might be approached as you leave the building 🌧️)

【Erotic Massage Service Flow Summary】

The above is the standard service flow at a Sexy Massage Parlors in Tokyo.

The service flow at Japanese Massage Parlors often involves more original treatments/services than typical relaxation massage shops.

The flow introduced on this page may vary in order, with services omitted or added, and the combination of fun and healing is limitless.

Exploring your favorite erotic massage shop, your favorite therapist, and your preferred service flow is also a delight of sensual massage🍌

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